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Hot Pot Basics

Traditional coal-heated hotpots are ideal to warm you up on cold winter nights. But don’t forget to take proper safety measures when having indoor...

Hot Pot Trends

It's Haidilao, it's self-heating, but is it good? A review of this 15-minute-ready-to-eat 'hotpot.'


Never made hot pot at home but want to? With the right tools and ingredients, it's really easy - we'll show you how!


The dipping sauce is an integral part of the hotpot experience, and many tasty ones can be bought ready-made. Some recommendations. Like bread and...

Hotpot Ambassador

This Cangzhou dish is not 'Chicken Hot Pot,' but 'Hot Pot Chicken': Jeremy Bai explains (and tries it out).

Hotpot Ambassador

It is done within eight minutes, not needing hot water nor electricity. But is it tasty? We tried it out for you.

Hotpot Ambassador

Farewell parties are never really sad when there's hotpot on the table. Jeremy Bai about his latest hotpot party and top 3 tips.

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